Netflix Movies to Watch Right Now

Finding a movie or TV series that’s worth your time can be a tall order and tiresome task. Even for a movie watcher with eclectic tastes like me. Sometimes it’s so hard I’d much rather spend my limited movie time re-watching classics from my youth than spend hours searching for something that may or may not be any good. But some days I get lucky and find good gems. Fortunately, I’ve found a few over the past year, here’s a list of Netflix movies (and TV series) I’d 100% recommend.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
A Series of Unfortunate Events

Starting off the list is a Netflix original series. A Series of Unfortunate Events has a description within the title. 3 siblings lose their parents in a fire and are plagued by a man obsessed with possessing their inheritance. Every episode is another unfortunate event the now orphaned siblings must overcome while clues to the mystery of their parents’ death are unravelled.


Instead of watching Twilight again, binge Castlevania. This animated series is impeccably written. It’s the story of Dracula and his human wife whose death spurs him into an inconsolable rage until an unlikely trio find each other and band together to stop his plans.

It may sound like I spoiled it for you but there are so many stories within this series that what I’ve just shared only scratches the surface.

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Game shows

Floor is Lava

Unlike the other competitions, I will mention. This reality completion is just for fun. It’s exactly what the show name suggests. It’s the childhood game as you remember it but the stakes are a lot higher and the obstacles are more – well, slippery. The aim of the game is for each team to get as many of their teammates through the obstacle course in the fastest time possible. The team with the most members and fastest time in the end wins.

The Titan Games

This reality competition series is hosted by famed actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). Male and female contestants undergo incredible challenges to vie for the ultimate grand prize.


Need the motivation to work out? Strong will give you the motivation you need. This reality show is a fitness competition featuring 10 women each assigned to a top-notch personal trainer to compete for prizes and a longer stay to achieve their fitness goals.

Floor is Lava
The Titan Games
Close enough

If you’re a fan of irreverent comedy in animation form. Then this series is a 100% Netflix match for you. The story here is about a small family who lives with roommates with questionable lifestyles despite having a young impressionable daughter.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next season.

Modern Family

Different families face different struggles but that is the case here. Modern Family follows an extended mixed family who try as they might to be different from each other they realize their similarities are unending.

This comedy series is riddled with laugh out loud moments and I’m a tough crowd.

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Psychological thriller

My favourite genre of film is the psychological thriller. A well-crafted story without immense suspense that keeps me on the proverbial edge of my seat. Here are some of my recent favourite Netflix movies in the psychological thriller genre.

  • Rust creek
  • Fractured
  • Velvet Buzzsaw
  • Behind Her Eyes

Romantic Comedies


Confession: I have watched this movie far too many times. Nevertheless, it makes this list because it’s worth the watch every time. If I’m ever in a funk or haven’t had a laugh in a while this is my go-to movie. It’s chaotic and unbelievably hilarious.

Kirsten Wiig plays Annie whose lifetime best friend is getting married but there is a new best friend who threatens to take Annie’s spot.

Love Guaranteed

Sometimes I like a cheesy romantic comedy. Yes, I know where the plot will take me but on a mentally exhaustive day the predictability is welcomed.

Love Guaranteed is very much a predictable love story but it’s cute I promise. It’s a story of a man who hasn’t found love guaranteed despite the title- named dating app promising love, guaranteed. He hires a legal team to him sue the dating app company but finds love in an unlikely place.


I don’t have a category for this show and that’s because it’s quite peculiar. Okja is a fantasy animal with hippo/pig characteristics. After living a simple life in the countryside, things change and the beloved animal is faced with grave danger but her human best friend Mija will stop at nothing to protect her.


Crack- Documentary

An eye-opening documentary that everyone should see. If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between crack and cocaine or where it all came from and how it made its way into the black community. The crack documentary provides context and answers.

Baking Competitions

I don’t just like eating desserts, I also thoroughly enjoy watching the baking process. From concept to final products it’s all a delight. As you may already be able to tell baking competitions are some of my favourite competitions to watch and I’ve found Netflix to have the best.

  • Bake Squad
  • Zumbo’s Just Desserts
  • Sugar Rush + Sugar Rush Extra Sweet

Family Friendly Netflix Movies To Watch

Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Willoughbys
Mr Peabody & Sherman
Mr Peabody and Sherman

I have a confession, I love cartoons. I’ve added this movie to the list as a family film but truthfully I’ve watched it without family or a child present and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

If you’re not a big fan of animated films but your kids are this film following the life of an advanced dog, Mr Peabody and his adopted son, Sherman tackling the world of science and history is a great way to entertain the family during the lockdown.

The Willoughbys

This oddly sad film will make you fall in love. It’s all about 4 ingenious siblings navigating life with parents who love to hate them and figuring out that sometimes being a family is more than just being related.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Not to be mistaken with the box office hit movie Avatar with the unusually tall but human-like blue people. This is a series and a personal childhood favourite! And rewatching it in its entirety this year was better than I experienced it as a child.

Avatar follows the story of a young Airbender who is destined to save the world and become the avatar.

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