Brunch at Chez Maria

Brunch date anyone? For the past month, the Jamaican government has had Jamaicans under a strict 3 days weekly no movement lockdown – that’s a mouthful. And with daily curfews starting at 8 pm it’s no surprise that people are opting to switch out their dinner plans for a midmorning or afternoon brunch instead. With extended curfew hours nowhere in sight I popped in for brunch at Chez Maria.

It’s too bad that the curfew hours aren’t extended because the rooftop dining experience at night would be beautiful. Nevertheless dining under the sun at Chez Maria did not disappoint. The location has a gorgeous view of the mountains if you get the right table. 

I can’t honestly write this post without admitting that the rooftop courtyard has some tables that are completely exposed to the sun and if you intend to dine outside on a busy day for brunch, in particular, bring some suntan lotion because you’re about to get a tan. 

If a tan doesn’t interest you be sure to make a reservation and the lovely people at Chez Maria will save you a spot in the covered area. I underestimated the popularity of Chez Maria and I didn’t make a reservation and was stuck at a table that threatened to turn me into a fried egg. Luckily though a few reserved tables weren’t filled and our server was gracious enough to help us get those seats.

Appetizer please!

The first order of business was the appetizer. Chez Maria is a Lebanese and Italian fusion restaurant with lots of pasta, pizza and kebab options on the menu. For starters, I ordered hummus served with pita bread. I don’t have a picture of this because I was famished and dug in straight away.

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Did someone say main course?

For my entree, I opted for the “jerky” pizza which my server told me was a great and popular choice. After my first bite, I understood why. The jerk chicken toppings were well spiced and every bit reminded me of authentic jerk chicken. The rest of the pizza toppings were:

Onion, Sweet Pepper, Olives, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese.

Drinks anyone?

As my drink, I had a mojito. I wanted this drink to be good but it wasn’t. There were way too many mint leaves and I couldn’t make out if liquor was added to it. Because of all the mint leaves, I could only drink about half of what was served in the glass. That was especially disappointing because I love a good minty, limey mojito. 

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The verdict

Would I recommend brunch at Chez Maria? Absolutely.

Is it a good atmosphere? Totally. The music isn’t too loud so you can easily have a conversation across a table.

Despite the mojito fail, I had a great brunch experience at Chez Maria and I’d dine there again. The food was good and so was the service. And I can’t forget to mention the relaxing ambience.

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