The Perfect Houseplants for Beginner Plant Parents

When I got married I adopted my first set of plants. Well, I was really gifted my plants as wedding gifts but I like to think I chose plant parenthood. As a newbie plant mom myself I know how hard it is to keep your plants alive and thriving, especially on the first try. Now that I have more than a year of experience with my garden I want to share the perfect houseplants for beginner plant parents.

photo of green snake house plant
Snake Plant
Photo by Fabian Stroobants on
Snake plant 

I love evergreens. They are the easiest plants to take care of in my opinion but snake plants are widely popular for this reason as well. A snake plant is a lot like a succulent. It doesn’t need much water and it’s hard to kill.

houseplants by the window
Peace Lily
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Peace lily

The bloom on the peace lily is a beauty to watch unfold. I share my bedroom with three of them. The peace lily is said to bring peace hence the name. It’s also said to symbolize purity, innocence, rebirth, and tranquillity. The benefits of owning a peace lily as a houseplant are quite a list. My personal favourites are air purification and the promotion of restful sleep.

The peace lily doesn’t need direct or complete exposure to the sun so it’s great for indoors and its watering needs aren’t overwhelming either. Just water it every other day or daily if you give it a little sprinkle instead of a soil soak.

photo of plants on the table
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Succulents are a great way to decorate your space with greenery without sacrificing your social life. Low maintenance feels like an understatement with succulents. Water them weekly and give them light and they’re all set.

sprig of dracaena near pile of copybooks on table
Lucky Bamboo
Photo by George Milton on
Lucky bamboo

Sadly my lucky bamboo died recently but it was a great low maintenance houseplant that survived in a low light area of my apartment for over a year.  Lucky bamboo needs lots of water and iron fertilizer occasionally.

Starting off with these four houseplants is a sure-fire way to succeed as a beginner plant parent. But even if you don’t get it right on the first try, don’t give up. Do your research and take your time. Caring for plants is quite similar to having a pet. It’s serious business.

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Top tips for beginner plant parents
  1. Start small.
  2. Use potting mix or soil made for each plant.
  3. Develop a watering rhythm/ schedule.
  4. Watch the leaves and check for changes.
  5. Research your plants.
  6. Give them sunlight. 
  7. Prune regularly.

Do you have plants at home? Would you add any of these from my list to your home? Leave me a comment down below.

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