How To Take Instagram Photos Of Yourself With An iPhone

Can you take great photos of yourself with just your iPhone and a tripod? Yes, the answer is yes you can. Taking gorgeous self-portraits is possible with just a few tips and tricks. The key to capturing great quality photos of yourself with an iPhone is simply knowing how to.

I really wish I could have a photographer on a payroll but until then I’ll be taking my own photos for this blog and Instagram. 

Equipment you’ll need
  • iPhone (or any smartphone)
  • Small flexible phone tripod or full length tripod with phone attachement
  • Bluetooth remote

Amazon is filled with great options for all kinds of tripods. Most sellers will include a Bluetooth remote along with your tripod so you won’t have to go searching for remotes but you might want to stock up on batteries. I got my phone tripod from Ubeesize on Amazon.

how to take your own photos with an iphone
Caught off guard in the middle of my setup for a shot. Equipment visible: iPhone & phone tripod.
Practice your poses in the mirror

Before you go location scouting for the perfect setting for your photos, practice your poses at home in the mirror. You can also scan Pinterest for posing ideas if posing is as much of a challenge for you as it is for me. The good content creators of Pinterest are especially helpful in this department.

Allow your body to get used to the poses and positions and see which ones look best or most natural to you. Don’t be afraid to try out everyday poses too. 

Capturing yourself in moments of authenticity is also a great way to make content that is unique and true to you. Write a list of some of your favourite things to do in a day and set your tripod and phone up and photograph those moments.

I’m a big tea drinker so a photograph with a teacup in hand or me taking a sip is very on brand and true to who I am as an individual.

Lock your AE/AF light setting

Get your lighting right by locking the AE/AF light setting. If you have an iPhone you can secure your lighting setting to prevent changes in your lighting during your photography session.

Apple makes it easy. Simply decide where you want the camera to focus on the screen by tapping it. A square will pop up. Feel free to tap several areas on the screen to see how that affects the lighting in different areas. After you’ve decided where you’ll need the lighting to be focussed, press and hold that area on the phone until the square says AE/AF lock. 

Use a timer

Don’t have a Bluetooth remote, no worries. Your phone has a timer built-in. You have the option of 5, 10 and 15 seconds.

Here’s a tip for when you’re trying to get the perfect shot with a timer. Get some tape and mark your spot on the floor so you know exactly where you’ll need to stop and pose. This saves you the trouble of wondering if you’re in the frame or not.

You can even mark the spot for where your tripod should stand in the event that you need to move it or if you moved it by accident, you’ll know the exact position it was standing in.

After a few sessions of taking photos of yourself with an iPhone, you’ll get the hang of it and before you know it you’ll become a pro (at taking your own photos that is). Side note: always a professional photographer for professional photos.

Now that you’ve gotten your shots it’s time to pick the best ones and edit them!

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