The Best Sushi In Kingston, Jamaica? – Annex East Japanese

As far as sushi in Kingston goes Annex East Japanese is a definite frontrunner in my book. Amazing taste, great customer service and beautiful dining decor all make for a grand time at this popular Kingston sushi spot. Don’t believe me yet? Check out the breakdown of my experience.

The menu

The variety is unlike anything I’ve experienced. Typically in Kingston, a restaurant meal menu tends to be just about one to two pages long but not here. There were at least four pages of creative dishes to choose from.

You have a choice of traditional sushi, cooked sushi and even chicken dishes. For appetizers, you could enjoy the fresh taste of a vegetable spring roll or try the steamed dumplings stuffed with chicken. Either way, you’re bound to be delighted because my husband and I certainly were.

Vegetable spring rolls from Annex East Japanese

The welcome

Annex East Japanese struck me fondly with an amazing welcome to the restaurant. Have you ever been greeted by the cooks upon entering a restaurant? Well, I can now say I have. Walking in you’re greeted with salutations from the cooks and host or hostess for the time you’ll be there. The greetings from the cooks were new and refreshing.

My first time at the Annex the size of the reservation didn’t allow for dining indoors. However, dining at Annex East Japanese for the second time we were able to get seating indoors and witnessed the same welcome being offered to every customer. We had a warm welcome on both occasions but if I had to choose I’d rather dine indoors. Here’s why:

  • It’s cosy and secluded
  • Romantic lighting
  • Better access to servers

The food & taste

The food was impeccable, on both occasions. I ordered the same dish both times to make sure of it. And it wasn’t a fluke. Yes, the food was so good I had to do it twice. In April alone I found my stomach and feet leading me to Annex East Japanese for sushi. On the first occasion, my friend invited me to her birthday and I was blown away by the taste. I ordered a serving of vegetable spring rolls for starters. A serving gives you two rolls with some sweet dipping sauce. As my entree, I chose the shrimp tempura roll from the cooked sushi section of the menu.

I can’t say much else than that I was extremely happy with the taste. If you’re a sushi novice like me, try the shrimp tempura roll while you’re there.

Annex East Japanese vs Oceano Jamaica

A few months ago I shared my experience at Oceano Jamaica where I also had a delightful gastronomic experience. The ambience, the food and the customer service were commendable. So of course when I tried the shrimp tempura roll from Annex East Japanese I made an immediate comparison.

Who really has the better cooked sushi?

To truly decide I want to try them both at the same time. But for now, my memory will have to serve me. In my experience, Oceano served larger sushi rolls which were admittedly very tasty, crunchy on the outer layers and packed with flavour on the inside. But at the Annex, the sushi was normal sushi sized and the flavours were just as potent. The accompanying condiments were presented to the side of the plate offering more control of your sushi experience. A noteworthy addition to each meal at the Annex were the slivers of ginger served alongside the wasabi for a bit of a kick.

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All in all, if you’re looking for a great spot for cooked sushi Annex East Japanese or any of their three Kingston locations are great for curing your sushi craving. The Annex is one of three East Japanese Kingston locations. You can find the others at Constant Spring Road -East Japanese HQ or in New Kingston, Dominica Drive – East Japanese.

Have you dined here before? What was your experience? Where’s your favourite sushi spot?

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