What’s In My Work Bag?  Public Relations Pro Edition

It’s 2022 and people may not do these types of posts anymore but when I was preparing for my new career I wanted to know everything! No detail was too insignificant and I’m happy I was able to find content creators who shared freely. Now that I’m six months into my new job I can share what’s in my work bag every day and how each item helps keep me 


What’s a handbag without your purse with all your vital documents. Driver’s licence, cash, loyalty cards and cards. And if you’re like me you’ll have a stash of important receipts for just-in-case events.  


Since the advent of coronavirus, sanitizers have become a staple in our lives. To adapt to the new reality of battling the virus I have added a sanitizer stash to my car and purse. 


One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in PR is how many calls I make. Though the calls are often short, it’s important for me to minimize my skin’s contact with my phone. You don’t want to know the number of bacteria on our phones. To avoid introducing bacteria onto my skin and to help me maximize my multitasking I like to use my Bluetooth-powered AirPods.


I had a notebook before this job but it was really only for notes of anything I needed to keep track of ( which wasn’t a lot). Now my notebook is my compass. Every morning I set the plan for the day by crafting my to-do list for the day. With the to-do list as my guide, I tackle each task and tick each completed one off the list. This then gives me a clear overview of what I’ll need to pick up on the next day.

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Orbit Gum

While the brand of gum isn’t super important here I like to enjoy a bit of gum after I eat or just to stop me from gritting my teeth. Currently, I like the Orbitz brand because it claims to be sugar-free and whitening. I really just like the taste and the freshness I feel.


Jamaican PR clients can be spontaneous. You never know when a client will call on you to cover an event and pens are a big part of the get-up for the job. You’ll use pens to take names, write notes of descriptors for each name and notes reminding your future self of what actually happened at the event.

Penning notes work for me more than recording an event because often when it’s time to write the story there isn’t enough time to listen to full-length interviews. With my notes, I could jot down the most important things and 


Blue light blocking lenses for staring at my computer all day? An absolute must-have. I like to keep my case on hand with my microfiber cloth for those unexplainable smudges that pop up during the day.

Hand cream

I hate the feeling of dry hands. Between sanitizing and washing my hands all day the skin of my hands gets dry. To combat this uncomfortable dryness I have a moisturizing, non-greasy hand cream handy.


Living on a tropical island means most days you’ll need a pair of sunnies before you head outside. I like to keep a pair on hand for those extra bright days on the road.


I like my lips like I like my skin; hydrated. A lady’s purse isn’t complete without at least a lipgloss tube.

Power bank + Phone charger

For out-of-office days covering client events having backup power is key. My lipstick-shaped power bank carries just enough juice to recharge my phone while on the go.

To be able to charge my phone I also carry around my phone charging cable and brick. The brick is for days when I’m at the office and I can plug it into a socket. And of course the cable on its own works for when I’m on the road and need to use my power bank.

And of course, I have my other sanitary necessities tucked away in my bag but that’s it. These are my must-haves in my work bag as public relations professional. 

Tell me in the comments your must-have items for your work bag.

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