September Monthly Reset & Life Update

I haven’t seen many of these in blog form but it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I want to catch you guys up on what’s going on as well as how I’m tackling the month of September. First update, I’m back to being an organization geek! I’ve gotten hooked on checking and recalibrating monthly and I wanted to take you my faithful readers along with me. So here’s my September monthly reset and what’s new for September.


For my longstanding readers, you’ve witnessed skincare become a passion of mine #selfcareisnotselfish. And if I can toot my horn a little here, I’m good at maintaining my skincare routine. It’s solid and simple and it works. But my nighttime body care routine could use some help. My goal for September is to find the right products to improve my body care routine, especially for nighttime.

At night my body care routine is one step, cleanse. But I want to find a set of products that are easy to use at night, lightweight and affordable. So far I’ve found TPH body, an ultra aesthetic line of affordable body care products catering to a day and night routine. The only problem is it’s only available at Walmart.

For the past few months, I’ve been trying out the Olay Body Washes which has been a hit-or-miss experience. This month, I’m going back to what works. They may not have the best ingredients but I’m clean and my skin doesn’t have a negative reaction. Caress and Dove body washes are back in my stash and they’re likely here to stay. All I need now is a good body scrub and lightweight moisturizer to complete my nighttime body care routine. I’ve been eyeing the Dove body polish as a good option for a body scrub and I’m considering the EOS body cream as a moisturizer.

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Fitness and health

I’m back in the gym! I restarted my gym and fitness journey last week and I’m excited about the strength and discipline I’ll gain in the process.

Unlike my previous stint in the gym, I have a trainer for help and my husband as company. While I do have body goals I’d love to meet I’m more focused on honing mental and spiritual skills like the discipline I’ve mentioned earlier.

I’m only a year away from 30 and I have some goals I promised my younger self I’d achieve and they’re completely possible if I focus on improving myself and getting it done.


One of the most notable differences you may experience if you spot me in person is my hair. I’ve resolved to maintain it straight for a while until I’ve found a better self-care routine or a job that allows me more time to myself.


Now back to where we started. As I mentioned earlier, I’m officially an organization geek again. I’ve been making slow steps toward this goal over the last two years. Pursuing certification in project management helped as well as making daily to-do lists for personal and work plans. High school me would be proud.

Bullet journaling was a big help too. Practising carving time out to outline my goals or tasks for the month, budget and shopping lists proved to be the perfect foundation for designing an organized life.

Finally, with all this practice the habit is stuck and it’s helping me to stay on top of what I want to do at work and at home.

What’s your September monthly reset looking like?

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