6 Elegant Restaurants In Kingston, Jamaica

Most tourists are drawn to Jamaica by its beautiful beaches and famous reggae music, and a trip to Kingston, the island’s vibrant capital, further adds the cherry on top.

What’s more amazing is a meal at one of the elegant restaurants in Kingston, unveiling the massive variety of top-notch cuisine and genuine flavours that showcase the culinary diversity in Jamaica. 

Whether you are planning on your first trip to Kingston or looking for a new restaurant to try, check out these top 5 elegant restaurants.

The Coppers Garden

1. The Coppers

Located on 9 Haining Road, Kingston, Jamaica, The Coppers is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy delicious food in a rustic-style restaurant. 

The “SAV” Salmon Florentine, Frenched Chicken Kiev, Miso Glazed Snapper Fillet, and Lobster Thermidor are this restaurant’s specialty. 

Food prices here are quite reasonable considering the top-class location and popularity of the restaurant. 

The staff serving here are kin, and courteous which honestly is very rare to see in most restaurants in other cities. 

To make reservations, call them at (876) 672-7251 during their opening hours.

You can request a booking by visiting the Coppers official website as well. 

Celebrating a milestone? The Coopers should be your go-to option for a luxurious dining experience.

2. ROK Hotel- Palate Restaurant

If you are searching for a place where you can have a romantic date night with your better half, ROK Hotel- Palate Restaurant can certainly be an excellent choice. 

This elegant restaurant is situated at 2-4 King Street, Downtown, Kingston, Jamaica. 

This newly opened restaurant serves up its signature dish, the ROK Burger, which is a delectable beef burger topped with onion rings, cheddar, guava-rum bbq, bacon, jerked blue cheese aioli, and duxelles. Not a fan of burgers? The Palate has an elevated menu with other delicious choices to choose from.

At the Palate, you never have to worry about being overdressed because this restaurant is tastefully decorated with modern finishes to match the mood of luxury.

Everything about this restaurant is up to the mark, except its per-hour paid parking. 

To make reservations, you can call them at +1 876-619-7651 or visit OpenTable for online reservations.

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Summer Palace Dining Room

3. Summer Palace 

Another new addition to the Kingston restaurant scape is Summer Palace. This premier restaurant located at  24, 6 Barbican Road, Kingston, Jamaica joins the Asian food experiences offered around the city.

If. you’re a Chinese food lover this may be the perfect restaurant for you.

But what makes this restaurant stand out among its competitors? It has a beautiful spacious dining hall with flavoursome meals to match. Of course, all the crowd favourites are also on the menu, the famous Special Sui Mein, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Chicken Fried Rice. 

Go there once, and it will definitely become your favourite Chinese restaurant. 

The customer service may not be as good as other restaurants on this list, but the ambience and the food you get to enjoy are outstanding. 

To make reservations, you may need to call (876) 715-4547. 

Like most Asian dining experiences, Summer Palace is a great restaurant for you to host group dinners and relish some quality time with your friends and family. 

Orchid Thai

4. Orchid Thai

Want to try something different? Orchid Thai restaurant, which is located at 20 Barbican Road Kingston 6, Jamaica, can be a fantastic place to visit. 

This restaurant is famous for its unique and mouth-watering Thai food but is also well-enjoyed for its immersive design.

If we talk about specialties, Northern Thai Pork Curry Stew, Beef Massaman Curry, and Thai Red Curry Salmon are what most people prefer to try. 

But if you are a vegetarian, for you, the perfect meal would be Morning Glory Stir Fry and Southern Thai Chickpea Curry. 

Eating such tasty food in a comfortable restaurant and getting served by a kind staff can certainly brighten up your mood. 

If you want to make reservations, you can call them at (876) 234-1745. 

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District 5

5. District 5 

If you really want to experience Jamaica’s vibrant culture and at the same time enjoy some top-quality food, District 5, which is located at 2 Renfrew Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica, is a wonderful restaurant to visit. 

This restaurant provides open-air rooftop dining and the ambience is elevated but relaxing. 

Some of the top meals customers love at District 5 include the tasty Shrimp Linguine Pasta, Curried Shrimp with White Rice, Barbecued Wings, and Chicken Pasta. 

Visitors can expect great customer service from District 5 but its theme and location are what make it one of the best restaurants for outdoor dining in Kingston. 

To make reservations, you may call +1 (876) 968-6222.

6. Buzo Osteria ltaliana

The newest opening on the list, Buzo sparked social media conversation when it launched March 7, 2023. Promising to bring Northern Italy to Jamaica the lavish restaurant is located at 1 Park Close in New Kingston, just below the Marriot Courtyard, and with views of Emancipation Park, the restaurant is George’s third iteration of the Buzo brand in the Caribbean; the other two being in his native Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

Alright, folks! These are the top 5 elegant restaurants to visit in Kingston, Jamaica. Let me know if you agree with this list.

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