Let’s Look Back: 2022 Year In Review

Happy New Year! Is it still ok to say that this late into the year? 2022 was something else so this 2022 year in review will be different. For this review, I’ll take a look at the blog post you guys loved this year, how you find my blog and what happened with the blogging frequency last year.

To start, in 2022 blog posts took an unforeseeable plunge and it left me with mixed feelings.

I love blogging and it’s never my intention to be gone longer than a week. But the personal life changes of last year have turned my blogging schedule on its head and it’s been a struggle ever since trying to recover and return to some sense of normalcy.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t beat myself up about it.  Despite not experiencing anyone openly complaining about the reduced frequency of posts on here I’m still pretty hard on myself. The truth is this blog is as much for me as it is for anyone else. 

Simplycandinicole.com is a creative outlet for all the things I discover along life’s journey that I often wish I had known sooner. The categories of this blog are key pillars of my life experiences. I’m sure many of you have seen the increase in skincare and self-care content as I faced adult acne in my mid-twenties. 

Besides taking a dump on my blog schedule, 2022 had some highlights:

  • I made impressive moves at my new job
  • Formed new professional relationships
  • Stepped far outside of my comfort zone almost monthly by attending large-scale client events ( which I still hate; but I do them anyway)
  • I moved closer to work in my dream neighbourhood
  • Upgraded a few things
  • Celebrated a milestone birthday (29 on the 29th)
  • And most importantly lived to tell the tale

2022 had its pros and cons. But it’s truly been a journey of growth and change. 

Top 5 blog posts of 2022

In spite of the changes, many of you still visited my blog and for that I’m grateful. Let’s see which posts made it to the top five for 2022.

  1. 15 Romantic Date Ideas you Can Do In Kingston
  2. Bye Bye Strawberry Legs: First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Review
  3. Jamaican Food Bloggers You Should Know
  4. How I Cleared My Adult Cystic Acne
  5. Bacne Be Gone: Cerave SA Bodywash Review

Most of these posts were created between 2019 and 2021. The most recent post to make it to the top five is the  Bacne Be Gone: Cerave SA Bodywash Review which was written and published in January 2022.

Top 3 referrers of 2022

Let’s talk a  little about how you guys found my site. As usual, the top referrer was search engines, yay SEO! Following that, a large number of readers came from Facebook and then the WordPress android app. Thanks to everyone who continues to read my content and engage with me. Let me know what’s your favourite way to find my content? Do you like to randomly check the blog or do you follow the blog page on Facebook? 

Though we’re off to a late start this year, the content you know and enjoy will return weekly. I’m committing to posting weekly on Wednesdays at 12 pm. If there are any topics you’d like me to cover this year be sure to leave them in a comment below and I’ll add them to my list. 

Thank you all again for the support and for sticking with me through another 2022 year in review. I hope you all have a great year smashing all your goals.

See you here on Wednesdays!

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